5 Ways a Master of Arts in Marketing Can Help You Make a Career Change
5 Ways a Master of Arts in Marketing Can Help You Make a Career Change

5 Ways a Master of Arts in Marketing Can Help You Make a Career Change

The past few years have led many professionals to wonder if the job they have is the one they want to keep. In fact, around 55 percent of members of the American workforce say that they are likely to look for new employment some time within the next year.  

For the new-job-curious, a marketing career change is worth considering for several reasons. Marketing careers have a very positive outlook when it comes to job security and salary. For example, U.S. News & World Report ranks marketing manager as number one in “Best Sales and Marketing Jobs,” number 14 in “Best Paying Jobs,” and number 24 in “100 Best Jobs.” 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that marketing manager roles will increase by ten percent between 2020 and 2030, which is faster than the average for all occupations. The BLS also reports the median annual salary for marketing managers as of May 2021 was $135,030. 

In addition to marketing manager positions, the BLS reports that several other marketing roles like public relations and fundraising managers, public relations specialists, and market research analysts have positive job outlooks as well. 

One of the best ways to prepare for a career change is through education. When it comes to marketing, a master of arts in marketing (MAM) can empower professionals to build on the skills they’ve gained in their prior positions and enhance them with industry specific knowledge and tools. 

Consider five key ways a marketing masters can prepare you for a new career.

Enhance Your Resume and Portfolio

Aspiring career changers often wonder how they can gain experience that will equip them for a new field and role. They may feel like they cannot make a career change without the requisite experience for a new position, but that they also cannot gain the requisite experience without a new role. 

A great place to start with identifying the steps to take toward a marketing career change is by understanding the experiences and skills employers most desire in their marketing hires. LinkedIn reports that the most valuable digital marketing skills in 2022 are:

  • Social media marketing
  • Paid search strategy
  • Social media
  • Search engine marketing
  • Marketing

A master’s in marketing degree program provides that important bridge between a prior job and a marketing career by educating students in those in-demand skills and providing those necessary experiences. Here are just some of the skills and an experience that a MAM program may provide:

  • Building and implementing comprehensive marketing campaigns that result in exceptional user experiences and provide insightful web and social media analytics
  • Strategizing approaches to digital communication, storytelling, and branding
  • Understanding digital best practices and how to leverage them for the benefit of brands and customers

Earn Certifications While You Earn Your Degree

Several of the primary tools used by digital marketers offer certifications. A well-constructed MAM program will build these certifications into their coursework so that graduates are prepared to show potential employers that they are ready for the modern marketplace. 

Companies hiring digital marketers often look for certifications in Google Analytics, Brandwatch, and Hubspot. These tools are integral to marketing success in many organizations, and marketers who understand how to leverage them will stand out to marketing departments and hiring managers. 

By gaining these certifications during a master’s in marketing program, aspiring marketing professionals will grasp practical skills and theoretical concepts simultaneously. They will have the opportunity to integrate the information they are gaining through coursework into projects that build skills in programs like Google Analytics, Brandwatch, and Hubspot while also empowering the student to grasp the many things these tools can do, including:

  • Identifying visitor profiles and segments to target and measure performance across various digital channels
  • Analyzing brand performance in comparison to competitors
  • Converting leads and retaining customers

Build Your Professional Network 

The experience of earning a master’s in marketing degree is not simply made up of skills, information, and experiences — it is rich with relationships as well. One of the keys to marking a successful career change is developing connections with people in your field of interest. Through a MAM program, students get to know (and learn from) faculty members who have been in the marketing field for decades, as well as fellow students who may have prior entry-level marketing experience or may be in a similar season of career change. 

Especially in the digital age, creating a network is more important than ever. A marketing degree program is ideal for learning how to leverage social media and online connections not only for brands and businesses but for one’s personal professional network as well. The results are very successful for many people.

A MAM program provides natural connections with a wide range of professional contacts who span the spectrum of expertise, geographical location, and goals. These connections can provide mutual encouragement while attempting to break into a new field, and can provide future support and job opportunities as careers progress. 
Master of Arts in Marketing

Understand the Role of Data in Marketing

As technology rapidly develops, the ability for tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business intelligence to enhance the field of marketing is substantial. While digital marketers do not need to be trained as data scientists, they do need to understand the role of data in marketing. 

For example, marketers may use:

  • Website analytics to identify visitor profiles and segments, study website usage patterns and content viewing behaviors, and pinpoint channels that drive the greatest desktop and mobile visitor traffic to companies’ websites
  • Social media data insights to inform creative campaigns designed to appeal to a specific audience on a specific social media platform
  • Voice of the customer (VOC) analytics to understand consumer motivations and facilitate positive brand interactions

Data analytics are not just a nice supplement to a marketing strategy, they are integral to a good one, and there are many companies whose data-driven approaches have led to very successful results. Crunch Fitness leveraged a data-driven marketing strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in a 28% increase in free trial signups and doubled email open rate. A data-driven marketing strategy can also help companies save a significant amount of money. G2, a user-generated review website, for example, decreased their cost per lead by 25% with a strategy built on understanding the role of data in marketing.

A master’s degree in marketing provides key knowledge and insight into the way data can help marketers make strategic decisions and create successful campaigns.

Specialize Your Education to Your Career Interests and Goals

Professionals who are interested in a career change often have a specific idea of their next role. They have spent time in a job that no longer suits their goals or desires and feel that it is time for a better opportunity. While an initial job position after a career change may not be a forever fit, a master’s in marketing degree that offers specializations can help career changers prepare for exactly the type of career they would like to have. 

Specializations are designed to equip aspiring marketers with in-demand skills so that they can enter into roles that both meet their individual goals and contribute to company successes.

Prepare for a Career Change with an Online Master of Arts in Marketing from Emerson College

Do you want to make a career change to marketing but don't know where to start? If so, Emerson College’s online Master of Arts in Marketing program could be an ideal fit for you. 

Our MAM program is uniquely designed for full-time working professionals and features 100% online coursework. Students can tailor their degrees through specializations in:

  • Digital marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Marketing analytics
  • Social media and digital public relations

Students in the Emerson MAM earn certifications in Google Analytics, Brandwatch, Hootsuite, and Hubspot. Students will also graduate with a broad professional network. In addition to the student peers and faculty, current MAM students can apply to our mentorship program, which matches selected students to industry mentors based on a student's desired professional path or interest–a valuable experience for someone considering a switch or move up in their career.

From the initial inquiry through graduation, Emerson staff and faculty are dedicated to ensuring a positive experience, and you do not have to take our word for it. 

I’m making truly meaningful connections and feel like everyone is cheering me on,” says MAM student Crystal Pan. Pan recalls that she was nervous to start the program because she had not been in school for years. But her admissions counselor and student success advisor, walked her through it, helping her grow toward the career she wanted. 

The same can be true for you at Emerson: #3 on the U.S. News & World Report ranking of most innovative schools. Prepare for a new career with a marketing masters with Emerson College online.