A marketing manager presents his marketing data analytics to executive team.
A marketing manager presents his marketing data analytics to executive team.

Six Standout Resume Skills for Digital Marketing and Data Analytics Pros

Since this blog was initially published, the curriculum has been updated to be even more relevant to the modern marketer. As of Fall 2022, Emerson College is proud to offer our reimagined Master of Arts in Marketing, previously known as the Master’s of Digital Marketing and Data Analytics (DMDA).


When it’s time to search for a new job, it’s hard to overstate the importance of an eye-catching marketing skills resume. As a digital marketing and data analytics professional, you have no shortage of valuable skills that would undoubtedly be an asset to a company’s marketing department. The key is highlighting those assets on your marketing skills resume in a way that jumps out to a recruiter, human resources manager, or company executive.

In this post, we’ve identified six assets to highlight with confidence and clarity on your marketing skills resume. Don’t be afraid to identify your strengths and help others see them. Those writing skills are the same strengths and skills that will lead to a company’s growth and progress with you on their team, so let the companies you’re interested in know what you have to bring to the table. Savvy job seekers use clear, descriptive language so that they stand out from the crowd through something as simple as a one-page resume. 

Let’s take a look at six skills to include on your resume that will show potential employers your expertise and awareness of the latest digital marketing and data analytics trends.

Data Analytics Proficiencies

The future of marketing relies upon professionals who understand data analysis and work to combine data with creative vision. Make your resume shine by prominently featuring your analytics skills. With a range of data analytics skills, you can show potential employers that you have the marketing skills needed not only to execute successful campaigns, but to help their companies understand and effectively use the customer and marketplace data they collect.

Predictive Analytics

The evidence is clear: predictive analytics can increase company revenue. Predictive analytics empower marketers, and therefore entire companies and industries, to bring art and science together in their approach to addressing consumer needs. Let potential employers know that you are equipped to identify campaign targets, highlight customers at risk of churning, and spend their marketing budget in a way that guarantees a return on investment. 

As a digital marketer who is trained in predictive analytics, it’s imperative that you highlight this specific skill set in ways that will attract a recruiter’s eye and hold their attention. Consider using phrases like:

  • Leverage data mining platforms to build predictive models that support sales

  • Establish and attain marketing goals driven by data mining platforms and predictive analytics

  • Predict marketing and sales trends according to data-driven techniques including linear regression, logistic regression, and decision tree analysis

Customer Segmentation and Descriptive Analytics 

Customer segmentation and descriptive analytics help companies understand their current customers. In-depth data and analysis on existing customers empowers marketers to design and deliver marketing campaigns that are uniquely suited to the needs and interests of their customers. Marketing professionals with analytics software acumen can group customers into meaningful groups, create campaigns that will appeal to each of those groups, and execute those campaigns in ways that produce results.

On your resume, consider featuring your customer segmentation and descriptive analytics skills with statements like: 

  • Develop and implement data-driven marketing campaigns according to the needs of specific audiences

  • Spearhead data-driven marketing campaigns that integrate customer segmentation, data analytics, and creative vision for optimal success

  • Increase customer loyalty through data-driven marketing campaigns that appeal to specific audiences

Web Analytics

With a Google Analytics certification, you can show recruiters and potential employers that you’re serious about ongoing development of your marketing skills. Prove that you know how important a data-driven approach to marketing is by prominently featuring your Google Analytics certification and the associated skills with standout descriptions like: 

  • Identify and study key customer trends and insights as a Google Analytics Certified digital marketer

  • Engineer highly targeted advertising, web properties, and earned media components according to Google Analytics Certification best practices

  • Build on audience, acquisition, behavior, and conversion data tracked by Google Analytics to drive web traffic and promote sales

Two digital marketing and data analytics professionals work together to increase online visibility, awareness, and sales

Increasing Online Visibility to Increase Awareness and Sales

Digital Commerce 360 found that consumers spent $861.12 billion through online shopping with U.S. brands in 2020, largely because of the ways that the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the marketplace increasingly online. That $861.12 billion was up 44% from the 2019 online spending figure of $598.02 billion. 

While many consumers are happy to return to physical stores, the importance of an appealing, accessible website remains as important as ever. People have developed habits of searching online for brands, reviews, and products before they even consider setting foot in a store. Show your potential employer that you understand the importance of website visibility and traffic for overall company sustainability by listening resume marketing skills like: 

  • Improve website visibility, traffic, and related sales through forward-thinking search engine optimization techniques

  • Enhance consumer experience of company websites by leveraging SEO to make them easy to find, use, and revisit

  • Analyze data to leverage keywords and website copy in order to optimize search engine results and elevate company visibility

Search Engine Optimization

Set your resume apart with a clever approach to search engine optimization (SEO). For the past several years, and all the more since the COVID-19 pandemic drove the marketplace online, SEO has been a key factor in business profitability and sustainability. According to Smart Insights, 68% of all trackable website traffic came from a combination of organic and paid search. Google reports that 65% of people use their phones in their “I-want-to-buy moments.” 

Simply put, SEO continues to be a game changer for marketers and retailers. Show your marketing skills and strategic, data-driven, creative  approach to SEO with resume bullet points like: 

  • Analyze and develop websites to ensure search engine optimization 

  • Meet the needs of potential customers by designing websites and advertising according to search engine optimization best practices

  • Elevate the Google search rankings of company content in order to market to new potential customers, increase brand visibility, and amplify company credibility 

Brand Storytelling

Prove that you have the ability to combine artistic creativity with data-driven techniques by showcasing your storytelling skills on your resume. Your resume will stand out to recruiters and potential employers if you show the ways that you can bring data and creativity together to conceptualize, create, and deliver stories that appeal to diverse audiences. Make it clear that you are a data-driven storyteller who knows their audience by including bullet points like:

  • Craft brand stories from research all the way through to digital delivery to data-informed audience segments  

  • Appeal to diverse audiences by employing research-based storytelling techniques that enhance company messaging, increase visibility, and encourage brand loyalty

  • Set and meet brand storytelling goals with creative, data-driven messaging that is relevant to various digital devices, consumers, and brand strategies  

Email Marketing

Feature your writing, creative thinking, and communication skills by exhibiting your ability to design and execute successful email marketing campaigns. As one of the most personal forms of communication with customers and potential customers, email marketing stands to benefit companies in exponential ways. Elevate your marketing skills resume by demonstrating that you understand the value of email marketing and are ready to design campaigns that invite curiosity, brand loyalty, and sales with descriptions like: 

  • Plan and implement email marketing campaigns that support overall marketing strategy, encourage brand loyalty, and appeal to diverse audiences

  • Develop email content that builds customer and potential customer relationships by providing a positive experience from subject line to sendoff

  • Leverage data-driven knowledge of audience needs, desires, and interests to design and implement compelling email marketing campaigns

A DMDA graduate, now marketing professional, works to interpret data on his marketing campaign

Build a Standout Marketing Skills Resume with a Master’s in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics from Emerson College

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Do you want to impress a potential employer even before you’ve had your first interview? The Master of Arts in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics (DMDA) online program at Emerson College will equip you with the tools you need to submit a marketing skills resume that rises above the fray. 

During the 100% online DMDA program, you will develop a forward-thinking worldview that merges data and creative design to prepare new and current marketers for the future. Graduate in as little as one year with a creative, progressive marketing approach and professional assets like: 

  • Certifications in Google Analytics and Hootsuite

  • Competence in tools such as SAS Studio and Enterprise Miner, Microsoft Excel, Stukent Digital Marketing Simulation Platform and many other SEO and text analytics tools 

  • An understanding of best practices for crucial 21st century marketing components like digital campaigns, analytics methods, brand storytelling, and data-driven consumer insights

With a DMDA from Emerson College, you won’t just have a list of credentials to be ready for a new marketing job. You’ll gain understanding and firsthand experience of the marketing profession that will empower you to thrive across a range of professional positions, industry sectors, and projects. 

Take the next step in your career as an influential marketing force by contacting an admission counselor about Emerson’s DMDA.