Amy Stuehler

Ms. Stuehler strives to instill confidence and wonder at the power of digital marketing and data analytics. We are all subject to the implementation of these techniques, even those with minimal social networking presence. Gaining an understanding of the what and how of technology-based marketing and analysis methods prepares students for their own implementation of these powerful tools in the marketplace — even if their roles at their place of work do not include marketing, knowing how their own data is being used can be insightful.

As President of Optimum Revenue Consulting (ORC), she works with firms to determine and implement enhancements on how they generate revenue. Ms. Stuehler has over 30 years of product, sales and marketing experience in business services, childcare and education services, higher ed, and technology industries. ORC has partnered with firms to achieve their goal of either acquisition or strategic partnerships, giving their owners and investors a strong return on their investments. Ms. Stuehler focuses on developing new practice areas for revenue generation, strategy, design, and implementation within the resources the firm has available.

Prior to ORC, Ms. Stuehler was Vice President of Product, Marketing, and Sales at Bright Horizons Family Solutions, a provider of child care and early education, backup care, and educational advisory services for employers and families. In this position, she was responsible for managing product development and leading the company's marketing, sales, client engagement, and account management teams. Previously, Ms. Stuehler was the Executive Vice President at ChildrenFirst, LLC,  a provider of backup child care services, which was acquired by Bright Horizons. Over half of her career to date has been in the technology sector, ranging from programming to marketing and sales, with global providers of IT services.


  • B.S.Sp, New Hampshire College
  • M.Sc., Southern New Hampshire University