Application Deadline: August 25, 2023 Next Start: September 6, 2023 App Fee Waiver until July 31st

Application Deadline: August 25, 2023 Next Start: September 6, 2023
App Fee Waiver until July 31st

Application Deadline: August 25, 2023
Next Start: September 6, 2023
App Fee Waiver until July 31st

The Science of Marketing is Always Evolving.

Marketing analytics is the study of relevant data to evaluate the performance of marketing tactics and campaigns. By using today’s modern technology, businesses can understand what drives customer behavior to refine their strategy and optimize their return on investment.

Emerson College’s Marketing Analytics online certificate program equips you with the skills you’ll need to employ descriptive, predictive, and campaign measurement analytics for a range of strategic marketing applications. You’ll build proficiency in analytics tools and data analysis development to understand and anticipate customer behavior so that you can amplify the message across different platforms and marketing channels using key technologies such as SAS Studio and SAS Enterprise Miner and spreadsheet software.

The courses in this program are developed by industry professionals and align with the tools, technologies, and trends of today’s insight-driven marketing strategies. You’ll gain relevant, real-time knowledge and experience that you can apply to your current or future career. This flexible program is 100% online so you can learn at a pace that suits your schedule.

Emerson College is a progressive and renowned media and communications school that proudly champions creative expression, inclusion and social responsibility. A human-focused approach to marketing is woven into our brand—we prioritize ethical, culturally aware practices and audience empathy throughout the customer journey.

How will you evolve?

4 courses / 16 credit hours

4 courses
16 credit hours

100% online coursework

100% online

No GMAT or GRE required


Program Themes

By earning the Marketing Analytics Certificate, you’ll learn to apply best practices and technologies to ensure an organization’s brand, message, and story are reaching intended audiences across different platforms and marketing channels. You will also:

  • Build a deeper understanding of modern tools to build more effective campaigns.
  • Gain powerful insights into campaign performance and predictive analytics to better understand and anticipate customer behavior.
  • Develop data-driven strategic acumen that will contribute to innovative marketing approaches for a brand or organization.

Strategically Designed and Flexible Format

Strategically Designed
and Flexible Format

Earn your certificate in a uniquely designed, 100% online program that meets your needs and goals.

High-Demand Skills and Specializations

High-Demand Skills
and Specializations

Courses aligned with the tools, technologies, and trends driving innovation in marketing analytics.

Progressive and Engaged Community

and Engaged Community

A leading media and communications school with an inclusive student community and forward-thinking worldview.

Admissions Requirements
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended
    • Degree evaluations are required for all applicants who completed their degree outside of the U.S.
  • Essay (2 pages, double spaced, 500 words)
    • Discuss your short- and long-term professional goals in the areas of digital marketing, data analytics and/or brand storytelling. Elaborate on how a specialization area in the program and an Emerson education will help achieve your goals. Discuss any relevant work and educational experiences and how you would contribute to the program and the profession.
  • Resume

In addition to an essay and resume, international applicants must also furnish:

  • Course-by-course evaluation, GPA equivalency performed by
    • World Education Services
    • Educational Credential Evaluators
    • National Association of Credential Evaluation Services
  • English language proficiency test results are required for applicants whose native language is not English.
    • TOEFL: 95-115
    • IELTS: 6.5-7.5
    • Duolingo: 115-135
    • Pearson: 65-80
Fast Facts
  • 16 credit hours
  • $1,402 per credit hour
  • 3 intakes per year
  • 4 courses/14 weeks each
  • No GRE or GMAT required
Marketing Analytics Curriculum

Specializations will include two required courses and then one additional elective courses from the remaining three elective courses 

Customer Segmentation and Descriptive Analytics

This course presents a variety of customer segmentation techniques that provide the framework to design and deploy highly targeted, insight-driven marketing campaigns. Students use cutting-edge analytics software to develop segmentation solutions that support many facets of today’s marketing and sales operations. Students also learn how to perform and interpret the results of other commonly used descriptive analytic approaches, such as exploratory data analysis and market basket analysis. (4 credits)

Predictive Analytics

Introduces students to predictive analytics and the broad set of business applications these predictive tools support. Students use data mining platforms to build predictive models that address a variety of sales and marketing needs, such as identifying the best targets for campaigns, highlighting customers most at risk of churning, and optimizing the allocation of marketing spend across media and channels. Several different modeling techniques are covered in the course including linear regression, logistic regression, and decision tree analysis. (4 credits)


Choose one of the following: Human-Centric Marketing & Social Responsibility, Fundamentals in Content Strategy, or Creative Writing and Story Creation.

Human-Centric Marketing & Social Responsibility

Explore how society’s relationships with and expectations of brands are shaped by sociocultural, technological, and other factors. Leverage insights to develop and support holistic market strategies that are infused with diverse, human-centric, purpose-driven, and socially responsible innovation. (4 credits)

Creative Writing and Story Creation

Learn to use story to increase the impact of your communication and ability to engage, influence, persuade, and inspire others. This course explores the art and science of a compelling story, how stories convey a vision and motivate actions, create meaning and build culture, inspire buy-in, trust and belief, construct brand identity, attract investors and customers, and contribute to advancing one’s career. Through case studies and structured learning activities, students develop capacity to communicate appropriately in varied situational and cultural contexts. (4 credits)

Fundamentals in Content Strategy

Content strategy is about developing content as a business asset and using it to achieve specific business goals. This course is designed to help you plan and execute an effective content strategy to build an audience. It will be conducted as a dynamic live project, where you will work alone and in groups to get experience in all the facets of content strategy. You’ll devise a strategy, set goals, create a project plan, and conduct basic research to test your assumptions. You will create, publish, and propagate regular content to meet the needs of the audience you define. You will learn how to organize and optimize your content for maximum impact and how to set metrics, measure your results, and iterate. (4 credits)

Marketing Analytics Career Path

The demand is growing for marketing analytics professionals.

Marketing analytics is used universally throughout our economy in companies large and small. The job market is teeming with employment opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported nearly three-quarters of a million available marketing analyst positions in 2020, and the job outlook shows a 22% growth through 2030. The average marketing analyst’s salary in 2020 was $65,810.

These are some of the job titles you might find on the marketing analytics career path:

  • Digital Marketing Analyst/Specialist/Manager
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Analytics Specialist/Manager
  • Market Research Specialist/Analyst
  • Customer Insights Analyst
  • Social Media Analyst

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

What Our Students Say About Emerson

We believe in the power of storytelling. These students share their stories about Emerson College—including ease of enrollment, career impact, and newly found confidence to thrive in their roles. What will be your story?

The enrollment was all completely online, I definitely had some questions; One was: “How do I make sure financing is in order?” Emerson was able to guide me through that process. Everything went so smoothly and that was really great.

Now over a year and a half later, I've received an incredible opportunity as the digital operations manager for an e-commerce skincare company. The knowledge I have gained and the connections I have made in the program are truly priceless.

When I looked at Emerson's classes, each one showed me that I would learn something new that I could use in my career.

I’m learning things that I use in my career daily. The way that I've thought about marketing has evolved through this program.

I truly believe that what I learned in  this program will help me make a very large impact  at the company, I work for and beyond and in my future endeavors as a small business owner.

It has also given me a newly found confidence, inspiration and excitement... It has allowed me to expand the way that I think and contribute to my teams.

Thanks to my admissions counselor and student success advisor, the enrollment experience was simple and informative. I was really nervous to begin because I haven't been in school in a really long time.