"The knowledge I have gained, and the connections I have made in the program are truly priceless."

Amanda Tomaselli wanted to gain an understanding of data analytics to take her digital marketing career to the next level.

In this video, Amanda shares her experience as a student in the online Digital Marketing and Data Analytics (DMDA) program at Emerson College. Discover why Amanda chose Emerson, what makes the program unique, and how the DMDA has already transformed her career.

Below is a transcript of Amanda’s video testimonial.

How did you hear about Emerson College?

For years, I went back and forth about going back to school. I contacted a number of universities around the country, I would say close to two dozen, but none of them seemed to click or had a program that was a perfect match. 

After seeing a friend from high school posting about their positive experience with the DMDA program at Emerson, I knew that I had to reach out. And sure enough, it was the perfect fit.

Why did you choose the online DMDA program?

I chose this program because it had exactly what I needed to develop my current skills while also building new ones. While I felt strong in the creative campaign side of digital marketing,

I needed that data analytics piece to take my contributions to the next level. 

What makes Emerson’s DMDA program unique?

The Emerson College DMDA program is so unique in comparison to the others that I've explored. The idea to marry digital marketing and data analytics together for its curriculum really adds so much value to us as students and as marketers. 

Not only are we given the tools to create digital and social campaigns that transcend industry expectations, we also gain the knowledge to look into why, how, where, and when those campaigns work by looking and understanding data. 

Not all marketers have these skills, but we do.

How were you able to feel connected to your professors and other students?

I'm so proud to be an online student in Emerson's DMDA program. 

At first, admittedly, I was intimidated to do a fully online program, but the support you receive and the connections you make with your peers are just as strong, if not potentially stronger, than those made in the classroom setting. 

The professors and students are accessible and come with a vast array of knowledge and experiences to learn from.

All of the faculty have been extremely attentive to any questions I might have on an assignment or on the material. Besides the course material, I think connecting with other students may be one of my favorite aspects of the program.

Have your online studies made an impact on your career?

Being a part of Emerson's DMDA program has already positively affected my career. I really can't believe it. 

When I first started the program, I was working in the sales department for a mid-size media company. Once the program began, almost immediately, I had applied for a promotion and I got it. I was so excited, really, just so excited.

Now over a year and a half later, I've received an incredible opportunity as the digital operations manager for an e-commerce skincare company. The knowledge I have gained and the connections I have made in the program are truly priceless. 

From the DMDA program, I feel more equipped, more confident, more knowledgeable about the digital marketing industry and know that the sky is truly the limit. And it also doesn’t hurt that through some of our courses, we gain additional certifications. These add to the power of my resume. 

Tell us about your student success advisor.

There’s no denying that the Emerson College staff is some of the best that I've interacted with. 

Your dedicated student advisor will be your greatest support system. I feel like I'm in the best hands and that my dedicated student advisor always has my best interest at heart while I navigate through the program, whether that be with class selection, graduation prep, or any questions I have about the resources available to me as an Emerson student. My student advisor is truly the source. 

My advisor has been a rock for me throughout the program.