"Understanding the industry through and through is really what makes a digital expert, and Emerson College is providing that for me."

Kerry Adams is a digital marketing professional who is passionate about growing her career. She was looking for a program that would help her become a digital expert and found it at Emerson College.

In this video, Kerry shares her experience as a student in the online Digital Marketing and Data Analytics (DMDA) program. Discover firsthand what it’s really like to study online and how it is already making an impact in Kerry’s career.

Below is a transcript of Kerry’s video testimonial.

Why did you choose to study online with Emerson College?

I chose Emerson College for my DMDA degree as it had exactly what I was looking for.

I am a Digital Training Specialist at the Walt Disney Company, so I work with the entire advertising sales organization. This stems from the sales team all the way down to operations. I have a background in my career and understanding the full picture, and that comes from working in the marketing side, and sales, and, also, I have a background working with analytics. That's how I pride myself in my career, understanding the big picture.

As someone that's really passionate about growing their career in digital media, I was really looking for something that had all aspects of what I was looking to learn, and that comes from marketing and analytics. Understanding the industry through and through is really what makes a digital expert and Emerson College is providing that for me.

Please describe your experience in the DMDA program.

The most valuable aspects of Emerson College's DMDA curriculum are all the resources and tools that we have access to. I have access to endless case studies and research through the student library, as well as access to multiple tools and courses like HubSpot, which has helped me further my education and skillset and itself, aside from all the incredible modules in class.

So, being a student in Emerson College's DMDA program is amazing. There is consistency, and what is most important to me as someone who works full-time, nine to five, is being able to block off time each week, to be able to learn and study at my own pace. The lessons are clear and in-depth in module form. Communication with professors and students are engaging. And there's never a time that I feel like I'm not involved in learning, or overwhelmed, which is really important.

How has online study helped you in your current role?

The digital marketing and data analytics program has really impacted my ability to help progress in my field in digital media. It is no secret that the digital media industry is a reality nowadays and is growing at a rapid rate. Being a part of this program gives a unique perspective on the industry through and through.

Getting knowledge as a graduate student in the digital media field with research, tools, and studies takes my knowledge outside of my day-to-day role and helps me bring new fresh, and innovative ideas to the company that I work for.

I truly believe that what I learned in this program will help me make a very large impact at the company I work for and beyond and my future endeavors as a small business owner.

Thank you so much.

I love Emerson College and I know that this program is going to be so successful and I highly encourage any student or prospect to really consider this program. It has changed my life.