Presented Live: July 2021


This webinar delves into faculty, curriculum, student support and more. Stay tuned at the end for an informative Q&A that highlights real student career outcomes, unique ways Emerson prepares graduates for the future of marketing.

Featuring Guest Panelists:

  • Radha Nath, Moderator
  • Serei Eng, Graduate Program Director
  • Paula Underhill, Admissions Counselor

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Highlights From The Virtual Open House
What types of jobs are your students and graduates getting (14:45)?

The students that we have in the program are quite diverse in terms of their backgrounds. They come from social sciences, humanities, journalism, psychology, marketing and business.

Some of the students already work in the digital marketing industry. Some are career switchers who come into the program looking to switch careers. They would go into nonprofit or commercial companies that work on either side of an agency or on the brand side.

Typically we see students who might be working at a media agency, advertising agency or a client site like the Walt Disney Company or the Boeing Company.

We also have students who run their own businesses and agencies as well.

Are students able to take a break between their courses (16:15)?

Students have quite a bit of flexibility. Most students work full-time and take two courses per term. You can take a break, where you're enrolled in no classes for a term. 

Maybe there is a term where they have a busy season at work or a life event, and an option is to take just one course in the term to lessen the workload. 

There’s a lot of flexibility. You have up to five years to complete the DMDA program.

How many students are typically in one cohort (20:50)?

Typically, each student cohort is about 20 to 23 students. We like to keep the student numbers in each of the classes to be fairly small. That way, students who have engagement opportunities with the faculty, as well as their peers.

Are the courses both live and pre-recorded (21:35)?

You have a combination of live and pre-recorded formats, depending on the course that you're taking. 

The structure of the program is an online asynchronous structure that allows our students to be full-time employees. 99.5% of students in the program work full-time, so the flexibility of that online asynchronous structure is highly valuable. 

Depending on the classes, you will have the opportunity to engage with your faculty and fellow students in live zoom sessions. 

Particularly for courses that require a lot of technical materials, like the analytics courses that run simulations. For courses that have teamwork and group work, you typically have many opportunities to do live sessions with your peers and your instructors.

What is a typical week like in the program (31:00)?

Typically, we schedule each week to start on Wednesday and end on Tuesday. 

We do this to make sure that our students who are fully employed will have the opportunity to work on the course material, assignment and discussion post from Friday to Sunday. That's the bulk of the time that typically they would have some free time. 

When you're looking at starting a week on Wednesday, you might typically do reading on Wednesday, Thursday. Then on Friday, you might do some research and start to draft your discussion post, start to work or begin working on your assignment, and then finishing all of those off during the weekend. 

Monday and Tuesday are opportunities for you to catch up on some of the things that you might have to finish and complete. In addition, Monday and Tuesday may also be opportunities for you to ask late questions, if you need to, to your instructors or faculty.

In a typical week, you want to allocate roughly about four hours for reading. Then you want to allocate roughly two hours to draft and complete your discussion post. In terms of your assignment, I would say it may vary but I would allow between three to five hours for your assignment, depending on the week.


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